garage door repair maple ridge

Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge

Garage Door Openers Repair

Noisy opener? Silent garage door motor? Either problem is serious. Your opener shouldn’t make too much noise, but it shouldn’t be completely silent either. In the case of the latter, it means that the motor is disconnected or serious damaged and the door won’t open automatically. When you are dealing with such or similar problems, allow us to help you. Our company offers timely residential garage door openers repair in Maple Ridge, BC.Garage Door Openers Repair Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge Garage Door Repair is also here to replace old or damaged openers, install new units, and help you with any issue related to the clicker. Looking for specialists in routine home garage door opener service in Maple Ridge, British Columbia? Our team can help you once more since we can routinely check your opener regardless if it’s a Marantec or Genie model.

We make opener adjustments and offer fast opener repair

It’s not accidental that each brand makes a number of residential openers. Each unit is meant to cover the needs of different garage doors. Rest assured that our experts are trained and qualified to fix, install, replace, and maintain all openers whether they are made by Chamberlain, Craftsman, or Liftmaster. Our extensively knowledge of the special opener features by each big brand allows us to help you when you want garage door opener replacement. With the assistance of our staff, you get the right motor and trolley system. This might be a chain drive opener, but you also choose a screw drive or belt drive opener.

Your needs are fully covered with our help but you can also rely on our garage door opener installation expertise. Connecting well all parts of the opener, making sure the unit is well-secured against the ceiling or wall, and adjusting its settings so that the door will move with the right force and to its right opening and closing positions are our priorities.

We have a similar approach when we routinely inspect and service your opener, but also when we repair it. If the door doesn’t open fully, we adjust the settings. If the sensors do not activate the reverse system, we align them. Once the problem is found, it is fixed. Regardless of the problem, count on our Maple Ridge garage door openers repair! Call our team today.

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