garage door repair maple ridge

Garage Door Repair Maple Ridge

Garage Door Springs Repair

Do you know the risks if your torsion spring suddenly breaks? Many accidents happen due to snapping springs or when homeowners try to replace springs alone. It’s best to leave your Maple Ridge garage door springs repair and replacement needs to our experts. We are all equipped to fix, adjust, replace, and install both spring types and provide fast services. Our professionals at Maple Ridge Garage Door Repair come to fix spring issues well-equipped. We don’t only carry the right spares and winding bars for torsion spring repair services, but also bring extra springs should yours are broken.Garage Door Springs Repair Maple Ridge

Want extension springs adjustment? Give us a call

Need urgent garage door spring replacement? Count on our fast help. Our experts go the extra mile in order to assist clients in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, fast especially if their spring is broken. In this case, the door will hardly move from the floor since it’s too heavy for the opener and the other parts to lift it. But our team responds quickly when you want to replace your springs before they break, too. With premature spring replacement, you can avoid possible accidents and property damage or the hassle of keeping the door shut till the spring is replaced. But keep in mind that our company offers emergency broken spring repair. When you report such problems, one of our technicians helps as soon as possible.

To help you avoid accidents should your extension springs break, we can also install safety cables that will prevent the broken springs from flying in your garage. And there is more we can do during the period your springs are still in good condition. Our experts can lubricate their coils to make sure they remain flexible and do the required adjustment whether we have to release or add tension. This way, the door is balanced and the springs powerful enough to lift it. Whenever you need garage door springs repair in Maple Ridge, contact our company for timely spring services.

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